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Simply put, Valerie and her team at Goose Dog Designs, is the best. My company has worked with Valerie over the last few years on everything from SEO, back-end web management to content back-up. Most recently, Valerie took our existing website from nothing memorable to WOW! She created a website that is clean, modern with a timeless look that will endure. We are so proud of our site and it’s all because of Goose Dog Designs. Not only is Valerie extremely knowledgeable, but she’s professional, efficient and is amazingly responsive. She always keeps to her deadlines (even when we lagged on ours!). It must also be noted, that Valerie is just downright fun to work with. In a world full of apathy, Valerie is a burst of energy, and a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend Goose Dog Designs for any web design, marketing or graphic design work, and we plan on utilizing her expertise and services for years to come.

Sarah F.

Calco Commercial, Inc.

Valerie and her team at Goose Dog Designs were a pleasure to work with. Very professional, and beautiful design work. They spent the time to get to know me and my style, and came up with a design that accurately reflects me and my business. They were patient and helpful at every step. And they followed through to the very end, making sure my concerns were addressed, and any technical issues from the hosting company were resolved quickly And the finished product speaks for itself! Thanks Valerie and Paul!

Tim A.

Timothy D. Asher, LAc

When it comes to web design, Valerie at Goose Dog Designs is the best! Whether you need a new web site or just a redesign, she is the one to go with. Even if you need a sophisticated and secure ecommerce site that also looks great, Goose Dog Designs is the place. Not only is Valerie friendly and easy to work with, but she also listens. And to top it all off, she can take a technical project and translate it into plain English that anyone can understand. Her web design portfolio is full of modern and beautiful work. The high quality results you receive are well worth the investment. Got an old website in need of a refresh or does your business really need a nice one? Give her a call or email today. Highly recommended!

Peter T.

Social Media Management

Delays. Over budget. Empty promises. Incomplete website. That’s what we were dealing with before we found Goose Dog Designs. During our initial consultation, Valerie evaluated our then-current website redesign project, provided her expert opinion, and recommended that we start the project anew. That was best decision we ever made! Valerie has been a joy to work with. Not only does she know her industry and how to give her clients’ what they’re looking for, she makes the process so much easier, mainly because of her awesome personality. And don’t get me started regarding turnaround time. EVERY edit/revision that we asked of her was completed before we could even follow-up with her. And when you incorporate the project’s cost, I feel like we made out like bandits! In other words, Valerie is a professional. She knows how to build phenomenal websites. Heck, look at ours! And the cost is a non-factor – if you consider what you’re getting in return: a search-optimized, outstanding website! That’s what we got, and we’re very pleased and happy about that. If you’re looking to just create a new website, well, there are plenty of folks to call. But, if you want to build a business relationship aimed at growing your business and implementing marketing strategies, then look no further than Goose Dog Designs. You won’t be disappointed.

Jess E.

Burgoyne Law Group

I was one of those people who decided she could build her own website, but, after two years in business, I came to understand the true value and importance of excellent website design and SEO. I decided I needed to hire an expert who would not only create an amazingly well-constructed site, but also consult with me through the process to create the kind of site that would attract and impress new clients and subscribers. Goose Dog Designs sets the standard for beautiful and functional web design. For web projects that require great design, marketing know-how, SEO, and analytics, Goose Dog is the go-to.

Anna C.

Colibri Digital Marketing

Goose Dog Designs has a certain kind of magic in the pacing, the availability, and the way in which they open their web mind to you and allow your ideas, needs, and wants to step in.  Then, they get the job done. I could not be more satisfied.  Goose Dog Designs helps keep things simple and to the point, which is like direct link to success for anyone’s vision. Valerie has a way of keeping you on track, and, like an expert potter, helps give form to what may seem like the a pile of a 1000, or what felt like 10000 versions of what your web presence could be.  I found it to be incredibly grounding to have someone be there saying, “I’m on it.”  Ahhhhh! The relief…. I could not thank Goose Dog Designs enough.

Kristel A.

Kristel Allen, LMFT

I recently hired Valerie from Goose Dog Designs to update my website. She was referred to me from a client of mine. I’ve had bad experiences with web designers before. Admittedly, I was a bit nervous and didn’t know what to expect. To put it bluntly, she blew me away! What she created for me was stylish, sophisticated and eye-catching, I am a fashion stylist so that was a priority to me. Besides being super talented, she is also a good business woman. She delivers things on time, kept me updated on progress, and always responded to my needs in a very timely way. Working with Valerie has been a wonderful experience all the way around. She more than exceeded my expectations.

Jackie C.

Jackie Conlin, Fashion Image Consultant

I just launched my blog with the help of Valerie of Goose Dog Designs. I couldn’t have done it without her! Her professionalism, patience, and fun personality made the experience most enjoyable. Her advice on how to bring more web presence to my business as a realtor was invaluable. She showed me how I could write a post, calendar it, and then have it automatically sent to numerous social media sites without my having to lift a finger. I would happily recommend Valerie to someone who wants to start their own blog!

Carol S.

SF Curb Appeal

I’ve had the great privilege of having met Valerie, of Goose Dog Designs. Her attention to detail, her determination, and focus, and her amazing personality are just a couple of the many attributes that she brings to the table. She really does know her stuff when it comes not just building a site, but also building a BRAND. She is THE last stop you’ll need for a presence online if you’re serious about your business!

Jeremy C.

JCO Studios

Let me be clear: Goose Dog Designs is NOT a discount web provider. Let me tell you what they are… Goose Dog Designs is a top-quality, best-in-class service provider for a reasonable price. Valerie, the owner, is at the top of her game. The customer service is excellent, the turnaround fast to cheetah like, and the work product outstanding. They are incredibly responsive and take the time to understand your business goals and then translate that into web-design. They are also detail-oriented. Like crazy detail-oriented. Trust me, you want that in your website design. Here’s the cool value-add: unlike some socially-challenged, one-dimensional code writer, Valerie and her team understand the modern business environment. They possess a comprehensive understanding of e-commerce, social media and website design. As such, I was the beneficial recipient of some much-appreciated advice. Let me cut to the chase: I know you think you can probably beat the price. You’re right. You can. Now look at your calendar. It’s 2013 and your website is your #1 marketing tool in the modern marketplace. Do you really want to buy the cheapest model out there? That’s like taking a potential client to McDonald’s. Valerie and her team are not the cheapest, but in my opinion, they are the best price performers out there. That’s the intersection you want to focus your search on: quality for the money. In that category, I don’t think you can beat Goose Dog Designs.

Jay R.

Jay Rooke Coaching

I came back to Valerie at Goose Dog Designs when I wanted to do a complete site redesign. As someone who wanted to switch directions from a simple blog with written content to a full-on video blog, Valerie made the process painless by asking the right questions, and designing a beautiful website to represent me, efficiently. I’m proud that the work I do as a yoga teacher has a beautiful, clean, website called Black Sheep Yoga to Represent! Thank you. I would highly recommend Goose Dog to anyone.

Renee G.

Black Sheep Yoga

My law firm’s old website was built over a decade ago and we knew we were turning some clients off when they saw our website from their smartphones. Goose Dog built us a brand new site that looks professional on smartphones and tablets. We love our new image and are proud to list our website on all of our marketing materials. Valerie works with you every step of the way and has extremely prompt response time. Highly recommended to anyone looking to take the leap forward with their firm.

Steven C.

I’ve been in business since finishing graduate school 25 years ago. Since that time, I’ve worked with many designers and graphic artists, but no one–I repeat–no one–has had the professionalism and friendliness and downright style that Goose Dog Designs has! Take a look at my website and check out my blogs on the website to see what I mean…………..although until you work with Valerie, the owner, you won’t get the sense of the responsiveness and intelligence with which she works. I’ve known Valerie for over two years and in that time she has worked with so many businesses who have been grateful for her wonderful work. It is my pleasure to join their ranks and assure readers that they will be happy with her work.

Elena D.

Words at Work

I was working on launching an online mortgage consulting website but was having difficulty using multiple third parties to manage the admin of this project. Goose Dog Designs was able to integrate all the systems I was using into one website and helped to automate some of my workflow, which has freed up time to take care of clients. My conversion rate went up significantly as well, presumably due to the professionalism of the website they redesigned for me. My clients have given me positive feedback about my new website’s ease of use. I am definitely glad I chose Goose Dog and am confident that with this new site, my profit margin will continue to increase.

Gelareh N.

Valerie is not only talented and creative but she works very quickly. She turned around notes I had overnight every time and made my website over completely in a couple of weeks. Very reasonable and a cool person. Highly recommend!

Greg F.

Greg Fitzsimmons, Comedian

Goose Dog went way above and beyond on my website. I initially chose them because I liked their design and Valerie was very personable and friendly. I am so please with the result, and not just the way it looks. My website actually helps me run my business. I can take payments right on the site that automatically sync to my QuickBooks account. They set up business email for me and it’s set to go right to my personal inbox so I don’t have to check two accounts. Valerie walked me though how to make small changes to my pages and she was right, it’s as easy as writing an email.. That saves me from having to hire a webmaster. Basically my website is like having an office for my business but without the overhead. I sent two colleagues to Goose Dog already. If you need a website for your business you won’t regret going with Goose Dog.

Les L.

If you are a small business and don’t have a website, you may as well not as have a phone number. After all, that’s where people go first to see what you’re all about and that’s why I chose Goose Dog Designs for my company’s website development. We continue to be impressed with not only the aesthetic design of the site, but also in how productivity tools were integrated to make our jobs easier. Because of the careful attention to detail and customer oriented service, I would confidently recommend Goose Dog to any business looking for a professional web presence.

Kevin H.

Bella Vista Property Management

I used Goose Dog Design’s for my retail sales store and she did an excellent job in such a short time! She made my website look extremely professional which definitely helped gain some of my customers! Thank you!

Justin I.

Dei Mare

Goose Dog Designs has made the process of launching my website really easy. They made my vision come true and were proactive in getting the job done. In fact, the finished site exceeded my expectations and I am thrilled with the results. Best part is I am constantly getting compliments on how good it looks!

Karen C.

Globetrotter Diaries

I tried to build my own website but found I couldn’t do all the back-end fixes myself. A friend of mine recently had his website redesigned and highly recommended Goose Dog Designs. Working with Valerie was a dream–she’s extremely knowledgeable, organized, easy to talk to and she made my vision come true. Valerie is up on all the latest advertising and marketing trends. She came up with great ideas that I had never thought of! She is extremely straightforward, honest, and patient. I loved working with her. It was actually a most pleasant experience largely due to Valerie’s excellent sense of humor. Plus, she has the most adorable dog and if you ask her, she’ll bring him and you can meet him yourself! If you need a website, contact Goose Dog Designs. You won’t be sorry!

Jaime M.

Goose Dog Designs did an exceptional job in designing my business website. Valerie, at Goose Dog, keeps in constant communication to ensure the project is meeting the client’s demands. She was open to my suggestions and constant requests as it related to my website. Valerie encouraged me to give my input as the website was being created. Valerie is a diligent, open minded, and trustworthy person I will highly recommend to anyone looking for a web designer. The final project was a success and all features I requested were implemented on my website. They also sync my QuickBooks account to my website. Goose Dog also did an excellent job in providing a detailed operations manual and phone appointment to ensure I can navigate through the administrative settings. Valerie and Goose Dog Designs programmers, I want to thank you for the great job you did with my website. Best of all, it is a user friendly website my clients appreciate. You guys saved me a lot of money and I am happy with the results. For anyone interested in hiring a web designer, please do yourself a favor- call Goose Dog before you commit to any web designer. Goose Dog will not disappoint.

Carlos P.

Blue Horizon Property Management, Inc.

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